How to play

Main Menu

Versus Mode Fight against AI Or other players online
Story Mode Fight against AI to comlete the story
Training Mode Practice against a dummy
Options change sound and control settings
Leaderboard view Pvp wins and losses

Controls Legend

LP Light Punch
MP Medium Punch
HP Heavy Punch
LK Light Kick
MK Medium Kick
HK Heavy Kick
U Up
D Down
F Forward
B Back

Desktop Hotkey

Light Punch Numpad 4
Medium Punch Numpad 5
Heavy Punch Numpad 6
Light Kick Numpad 1
Medium Kick Numpad 2
Heavy Kick Numpad 3
Up Up Arrow
Down Down Arrow
Forward Right Arrow
Back Left Arrow

Laptop Hotkey

Light Punch G
Medium Punch H
Heavy Punch J
Light Kick B
Medium Kick N
Heavy Kick M
Up W
Down S
Forward D
Back A

Move List

All characters
Sex Move 1 X
Sex Move 2 F
Sex Move 3 E
Grab Light Punch(LP) + Light Kick(LK)

Mizuki's Specifig Special Moves

Hadouken Down, Forward, Light Punch(LP)
Otoshi Down, Forward, Medium Punch(MP)

Demonaia's Specifig Special Moves

Fire Ball Down, Forward, Light Punch(LP)
Wing Uppercut Down, Forward, Medium Punch(MP)
Fire Breath Down, Forward, Hard Punch(HP)
Wing Clap Back, Down, Forward, Light Punch(LP)
Wing Twister Back, Down, Forward, Medium Punch(MP)
Dragon Punch Back, Down, Forward, Hard Punch(HP)

ZoneTan's Specifig Special Moves

Flip Kick Down, Foward, Light Kick(LK)
Hooligan Down, Foward, Medium Kick(MK)
Spiral Arrow Down, Foward, Hard Kick(HK)

LewdLara's Specifig Special Moves

Hyakuretsukyak Down, Forward, Light Kick(LK)
Spinning Bird Kick Down, Up, Light Kick(LK)
Cannon Spike Down, Foward, Medium Kick(MK)

Angel's Specifig Special Moves

Hadouken Down, Forward, Light Punch(LP)
Flying Kick Back, Down, Forward, Light Kick(LK)

Nekonoichi's Specifig Special Moves

Shred Down, Forward, Light Punch

Elvadina's Specifig Special Moves

Multi Slap Down, Forward, Light Punch
Multi Kick Down, Forward, Light Kick